Hey all you Theorists Today I'm going to be talking about Emperor's New Groove Ok, diving into the scene were Kuzko is in the jungle and he a squirrel tries to give him a nut. This squirrel is just so cute, but Kuzko knocks the nut away from the squirrel and walks away. Later Kuzko is trying to sneak around a pack of sleeping panthers and the squirrel gets a balloon out of nowhere and pops it with a thorn. The sound doesn't wake up the panthers but Kuzko laughing at the squirrel does. So the question is how did this squirrel get the balloon. Well the squirrel is God. I know, I know it's crazy but just wait. The squirrel offers him a chance to be kind and good hearted but, Kuzko declines. God was reaching out to Kuzko's heart and he said no. So GodSquirrel comes back with a plan of showing him why to be kind he wakes the panthers up not by the balloon but by Kuzko's own arrogance. So if you want to tell me how great my first theory is go hit up my email at anuttynerd@gmail.com